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  Introducing the Series IV Music Center Jukebox!*

More Power ~ More Speed ~ Huge Capacity for your Music Library!


The cutting edge of Jukebox technology, the latest Rock-Ola Touchscreen Music Center "Series IV" features


19" Touchscreen with SATA technology-exclusive to our Qsonix "drag & drop" system


New front lighting design highlights the exquisite cabinet and enhances the user screen


New Terabyte harddrive has incredible capacity for your music collection ~ can hold up to 13,000 full CDs!


New, "professional grade" Peavey 1600 Watt Amplifier powers up to two volume zones!


State-of-the-Art Amplifiers on ALL Rock-Ola floor model jukeboxes produces almost NO HEAT, eliminating the need for cabinet cooling fans


Full-size cabinet is merely 23" deep ~ that's 5" slimmer than the CD Nostalgic Jukebox

Detailed product brochure



New to the Rock-Ola Music Center Touchscreen Jukebox?

Take the Tour here:

Music Center Online Visual Tour

 Series IV Nostalgic Music Center Models








   Peavey IPR 1600W Amplifier




 *This model may not be available in countries outside the United States.