A Celebration Fit For A King

A Celebration Fit For A King

It's Elvis's birthday today 8th January, when he would have turned 89 years old had it not been for his untimely death on 16th August 1977.



Elvis Presley has always been inextricably linked to Rock-Ola. As a young boy, he was drawn to the jukeboxes he encountered in local establishments and 'jook joints'. He spent countless hours listening to a diverse range of music, from blues and gospel to country and rhythm and blues. The jukebox became his personal music teacher, exposing him to a vast array of musical styles and influences and playing a crucial role in shaping his musical taste, style, and eventually, his iconic career as the 'King of Rock 'N' Roll'.



During Elvis's era, Rock-Ola jukeboxes were a common sight in diners, bars, and other social gathering places. They were essential for introducing the public to new music and served as a platform for musicians like Elvis to gain widespread recognition. Being at the forefront of the Rock 'N' Roll revolution, Elvis was a staple on Rock-Ola Jukeboxes across the US and beyond.



Rock-Ola is one of the most iconic jukebox manufacturers in history. As a company we have produced some of the most sought-after and revered jukeboxes during the 20th Century and beyond. We even gave our name to Rock 'N' Roll! The distinctive designs and state of the art sound systems of our jukeboxes make them the perfect medium to play the music of Elvis Presley.



As fans gather to celebrate the King's birthday, the presence of Rock-Ola jukeboxes adds an authentic touch to the celebrations. Whether original or modern our jukeboxes create a nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of the era when Elvis's music ruled the airwaves.



Baz Lurhmann's used one of our one of our vintage 1955 model 1448 Jukeboxes in his Oscar nominated movie 'Elvis' ! We restore these vintage beauties to order, back to showroom condition. Please contact us for more information.