The Rock-Ola Jukebox Music Library Service

The Rock-Ola Jukebox Music Library Service
One of the unique additional services that Rock-Ola offers when you purchase a jukebox from us is a comprehensive music library service. Our resident Musicologist Phil can source a collection based upon your musical preferences or work with your cherished collection to make sure it is loaded into your jukeboxes ready to play upon delivery.
You can either send us your music collection and we will create the labels for your jukebox or send us a list and let us source your dream playlist on CD or Vinyl. We will then load all the music onto your jukebox ready for delivery.

The average price for a CD is $10 each with the Bubbler Jukebox holding 100 CDs. The title card service is $150 for a handmade set of 100 cards for a CD jukebox.

The average price for vinyl 45rpm records is $18 per record, this covers most records however, some are highly collectable and go for a premium. We will advise on any that are from this category. The title card service is $150 for a handmade set of 100 hand-typed cards for a vinyl jukebox.

It is quite an involved process to supply records as we buy them in from dealers or collectors, they will only guarantee the "A" side so often many records do not pass with us because we always supply records with playable "B" sides as well as the "A".

The centres are cut out (big hole centres) which also leads to some breakage as some of the records split due to their age.

Finally they are hand washed and then played both "A" and "B" side on a gramophone for sound quality, only then are they fit to go on the Jukebox.

The final check is again playing "A" and "B" side as you would hear it on your Jukebox.

It's all about delivering good quality sound and whether its a modern vinyl Jukebox or a vintage vinyl jukebox, it has to have decent records to demonstrate the high standard of our work.

Please contact us if you are interested in this service.