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Welcome to the official website of Rock-Ola...

...the only authentic American jukebox manufacturer on the face of the planet. We’ve been manufacturing jukeboxes since 1927, so we know a thing or two about what makes them tick! Today we’ve got almost a century of history to our name, and we’ve hit some pretty impressive milestones along the way – having made our name in the Golden Age of Jukeboxes as one of the industry’s ‘Big Four’ of global manufacturers, we’re perhaps most famous for our Bubbler line of jukeboxes, which have become some of the most successful and best-selling in history.

Our Passion for Jukeboxes

You don’t have to be a music historian to recognize the unmistakable silhouette of a classic Bubbler. Its vibrant colors, super-smooth sound, and the namesake bubbles floating to the top of the tubes lining its exquisite oak cabinet – these are all amongst the hallmarks of its timeless design, part of what’s made it so eternally popular throughout the ages. Our thriving passion, combined with the world-class expertise of our engineers, has resulted in designs that have defined an era. Throughout all our decades in business, we’ve always loved to hold a mirror up to contemporary American culture, reflecting some truly iconic US cultural touchstones in our designs. Amongst our stock, you’ll find jukeboxes dedicated to Harley Davidson, Coca Cola, and even Elvis Presley – and that’s just to name a few!

Incorporating modern technology

What’s more, we’ve had a reputation for innovation here at Rock-Ola, and we’re always looking for ways to experiment with cutting-edge technology. One of the most recent examples of this ethos is our brand-new Vinyl 45rpm jukebox – combining Bluetooth connectivity with a rich vinyl-to-valve sound, it’s a unique blend of mid-century styling and 21st-century technology.

New Beginnings

Today, we’re under the leadership of British entrepreneur Alexander Walder-Smith. With decades of experience behind him in selling Rock-Ola jukeboxes to customers all over the world, his knowledge and passion for our craft are second to none. Now, with the launch of our brand-new website and a new generation of talent joining our team, we’re embarking upon a new, ambitious chapter of our continuing legacy.

management team

  • Alexander Walder-Smith


    Alexander is our CEO has over 30 years' experience within the gaming and jukebox industry and in July 2019 acquired Rock-Ola. As the new CEO Alexander has some big ambitions to grow the Rock-Ola brand globally.

  • Ken Urban

    Chief Operating Officer

    Ken started working for the Rock-Ola family in 1972 in the Engineering Department Assembly Lab. He now oversees the facilities, production, shipping, stockroom as well as goods-in and out. He continues to be very active in the Engineering process too.

  • Ross Blomgren

    SVP of Engineering

    Ross, our SVP of Engineering, has been with the Rock-Ola brand for over 27 years' and has hugely influenced the product development and strategic product roadmap. Recently completed the launch of the brand new vinyl 45 Jukebox.

  • Cheron Griffin

    Sales and Marketing Executive

    Cheron joined Rock-Ola in 2019 as a Sales /Marketing Executive. She has over eight years of sales experience in medical , dental consumer and home furnishing industries. She looks forward to taking on new challenges to contribute to the company's growth.

  • Charles Street


    Charles is a fully qualified accountant with and has been working with Alexander for many years within the industry. He has a history of helping SME's structure processes for sustained growth.

  • Olivia Walder-Smith

    Creative Director

    Olivia studied Interior Design & Decoration before working in London for a renowned Interior Designer for many year. In the role of Creative Director at Rock-Ola she is involved in many different aspects of the business including marketing. She has an interest in vintage and antique furniture and sources our rarer vintage Rock-Ola jukeboxes which are then restored to order for our clients.