Foosball Tables at Rock-Ola...

Foosball Tables at Rock-Ola...

Table Football's origins go back to 1921, when Harold Searles Thornton from the United Kingdom patented the game as "Apparatus for playing a game of table football"...

The game was eventually brought to the United States in the 1950s by Lawrence Patterson, reaching its peak of popularity there in the 1970s, when it could be found in bars and pool halls everywhere throughout the country.

At Rock-Ola we are big fans of the game and after a lot of research decided to bring in a small range to compliment our fabulous range of jukeboxes! 

The classic style is synonymous with French pride in design, and as the company's been going since 1959 you can rest assured that their tables are built to the highest possible standards. Its enduring popularity over more than fifty years in continental bars and clubs is a testament to its timeless style and lasting quality. As any self respecting foosball player knows, these tables are quite simply an enduring part of France's cultural heritage.

Walnut Finish

Check out the walnut finish here

Still made near the famous French region of Cognac, the table is of solid beech construction, with a strong cabinet that sports a rounded edge to give it a classic look with a retro angle. The telescopic stainless steel bars are outfitted with shock springs and sculpted round handles. The players they support are made of die-cast metal, and can be painted in a selection of team colours. Its bar-room origins are still noticeable. The playfield is crafted with sloped corners, preventing the ball from rolling to a stop in a dreaded ‘dead zone’.

Oak Finish

Check out the oak finish table here

The wood used comes from forests managed in an eco-sustainable way, and each piece taken is subjected to a rigorous selection process with specific regard to its grain in order to ensure a consistent finish. Stainless steel has been substituted for chrome throughout the entire production process in order to reduce the company's ecological footprint.

Black Finish

Check out the black finish here