How we restore our vintage Jukeboxes!

How we restore our vintage Jukeboxes!

We pay attention to detail, nothing gets missed...

When you buy a restored product from us or engage us to repair or restore your own products you are dealing with perfectionists. Our engineers have years of experience working with jukeboxes, pinball machines and vintage games. Here is an example of a recent Rock-Ola Princess restoration.

The original machine

When we acquire vintage products they are not in great shape. Stage one is a thorough investigation and examination to understand and analyse the work to be completed. In this case the Princess was originally from 1962 and required a substantial overhaul.


Our findings

Our highly trained technicians know a thing or two about our jukeboxes and have the knowledge to see what work is required to start to bring these vintage machines back to their former glory.


The cabinet

One of the first steps is the cabinet. They are completely stripped back to bare wood,repaired primed and repainted restore back to an original state. In this case the finish is a baby blue, which compliments the chrome finish perfectly.


The mechanism - before...

Lots of rust. Lots of grease. Very often not a lot works.


 ...and after

During the restoration process we clean all areas of the mechanism, strip back the amplifier and clean the chassis, capacitors, leads and replace anything that needs to be, including capacitors. We also need to set the jukebox to free play. Our ultimate aim is to ensure she plays and sounds as our clients would expect.



During our testing process we face some hard challenges. These machines are over 60 years old, loose switches, often a lot of grease and more cleaning are part of the process. Our engineers diligently go right the way through this machines and test vigorously, to ensure the ultimate high standards we set.


Chrome finishing

Re-chroming is an important task when restoring a classic jukebox. We use only the best in the industry to ensure the best finish.


The completed jukebox

And here she is, the beautiful finished Princess, complete with some awesome tunes and printed title strips. Stunning.