Rock Ola breathes new life into a rare vintage Regis 200..

Rock Ola breathes new life into a rare vintage Regis 200..

You might have recognized a striking new addition to our range of authentic American jukeboxes recently – the iconic Rock-Ola Regis 200 jukebox. Its distinctive silhouette immediately marks it out from our legendary Bubbler jukeboxes, and it has its own rich history and cultural significance for generations of music fans, earning it a coveted spot in the annals of music history. 

First manufactured in 1961 at our very own factory here at Rock-Ola, this vintage jukebox has now been around for well over half a century, with decades of delighting listeners across several generations.

You’re probably thinking hey, it looks great for its age, and you’d be right. That’s because it’s been lovingly restored by our very own engineers and craftsmen here at Rock-Ola, having found its way back to us after we first sold it to its first happy owner all the way back in the Swingin’ 60s.

This marks the start of something new for us here at Rock-Ola. We already have a global reputation as only the authentic American jukebox manufacturer on the face of the planet. Now, we start a new chapter in that story as our craftsmen begin utilizing their impressive talents to restoring the vintage jukeboxes that find their way back to us. After all, who better to restore a Rock-Ola jukebox than talented Rock-Ola engineers?

The Rock-Ola Regis – a story more than half a century in the making

Even in its formerly unrestored state, the Rock-Ola Regis 200 is still a sight to behold – though we do say so ourselves! It’s got those beautiful looks, it’s got that vintage feel, and you can bet it’s got the sound to match. As we touched on above, we first manufactured it all the way back in 1961, right at the start of what many agree to be the Silver Age of Jukeboxes.

Like most vintage jukeboxes of its time, the design of the Rock-Ola Regis 200 reflects many aspects of the culture and style of the era. Its silver chrome finish is strongly reminiscent of typical American automotive design, and as a ‘visible mechanism’ jukebox, its 50s-style domed glass gives you a spectacular panoramic view of what’s inside, allowing you to enjoy the smooth action of the selector's arm. In fact, along with the Rock-Ola Princess, the Regis 200 was the last jukebox we manufactured with this type of 50s-style dome.

And of course, it’s got that classic mid-century sound, courtesy of its twin stereo amplifiers and stereo pickup. The idea of stereo jukeboxes was still a relatively new concept back in the 60s, and the Regis 200 introduced it to the public in style. Its amplifier allows the listener to choose between sound in mono or stereo or a hybrid of the two.

It uses the three main speakers to deliver high-fidelity music in mono, while its two extension speakers give it the ability to provide an equally outstanding two-channel stereo sound. Finally, the hybrid feature combines the output of the extension speakers with the output of their built-in counterparts. Whatever you choose, you can always expect this jukebox to delight listeners with a truly flawless sound – so clear that you’d swear your favorite artists were right there in the room with you. (The Regis 200 allows listeners to choose from two hundred selections. That’s always been a pretty big draw, too!)

Now that this particular Rock-Ola Regis has been restored with skill, care, and no small amount of love from our Rock-Ola engineers, it stands as an undeniable testament to why the world has loved Rock-Ola jukeboxes for over 100 years. Not only is it a marvel of engineering and technology, but also a true piece of music history, looking and sounding just as magnificent as it did when it left our factory more than half a century ago.

This won’t be the last vintage jukebox we plan to restore… far from it! But in case you’re wondering, our brand new Rock-Ola Bubbler jukeboxes aren’t going anywhere. You can find old favorites like our Bubbler Walnut CD Jukebox, as well as even more cutting-edge models in special liveries like our Harley Davidson Flames Music Center, in brushed aluminum. Why not take a look around, and see what you can find?