Rock-Ola releases a high-tech update of the classic Vinyl Bubbler

Rock-Ola releases a high-tech update of the classic Vinyl Bubbler

Throughout our long history, at Rock-Ola we’ve always had a reputation for innovation, constantly evolving and adapting our designs to fit the demands of the modern age. It’s part of the reason why, today, we’re the last authentic jukebox manufacturer on the face of the planet, with almost 100 years of history to our name.

You probably already know about some of our innovations in recent years, including adding a CD mechanism to our ever-popular Bubbler design of jukebox. Now, under the leadership of our new owner Alexander Walder Smith, our latest revolutionary design is truly something special. It’s long been a vision of his to introduce the only authentic, American-manufactured 45rpm vinyl jukebox to the world. Already, that vision has become a reality. Allow us to introduce you. 

A timeless design gets a cutting-edge update…

Thanks to the world-class expertise and experience of our Rock-Ola engineers, our latest creation is a brilliant fusion of old and new; an authentic 45rpm vinyl jukebox with a whole host of high-tech capabilities. Along with a stunning speaker system, it can even stream music via Bluetooth, straight from your mobile device.

Let’s quickly take the tour! The vinyl record carousel is modeled on one of our time-honored 20th-century designs, with 40 vinyl titles visible at once. The jukebox’s capacity allows it to hold as many as 100 records – A and B sides, of course – which means you can fill it with as many as two hundred 7” record selections!

As for the technology, this new vinyl bubbler utilizes a 2-stage pre-amplifier and runs on two 12AX7 tubes. (Or valves, as they’re known in Europe.) The three sophisticated internal speakers comprise a 10” dual sub-woofer and two 5¼” mid-range speakers, with 1” tweeters. All of this allows the jukebox to provide what we at Rock-Ola like to call ‘Live Performance Reproduction’. In other words, it’s a sound so flawless that if you closed your eyes, you could bring yourself to believe your favorite musicians were right there in the room with you!

…all contained in a well-known and much-loved style 

This revolutionary tech is all neatly packaged in the timeless Bubbler design – one which has become a global icon over the decades and made us a true household name. A staple of American culture, the Bubbler has defined the very image of jukeboxes, and more than 50 years after we released its original design, you can still see in bars, clubs and diners all over America (and indeed, the world). Each one is hand-built by our skilled craftsmen right here at Rock-Ola and gets its name from the endless bubbles of air that float to the top of the machine through the tubes at both sides. It makes the Bubbler just as hypnotic to look at as it is to listen to – a veritable piece of American history. 

The new Bubbler 45 Vinyl jukebox is particularly beautiful. We’re very proud of it, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. You can find it listed for sale right here on our homepage, as well as other iconic Bubblers in our expansive range. We’re already taking pre-orders, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!