Take the Harley Davidson Rock-Ola Bubbler out for a spin

Take the Harley Davidson Rock-Ola Bubbler out for a spin

We are proud to present the Harley Davidson Bubbler Rock Ola jukebox – a fusion of two of the most iconic US brands, Harley Davidson jukeboxes are amongst the ultimate in modern Americana.

It’s available in two variants; a CD Bubbler and digital Music Center. Both are based on the instantly recognisable Bubbler design; the most enduring form of Rock-Ola jukebox and one that’s famous the world over.

An American cultural icon

Jukebox manufacturing and automotive culture have a shared history that goes back decades, right back to the 1950s. Some of Rock-Ola’s own jukeboxes, such as the successful Temple series, were even influenced by some of the era’s contemporary automobiles, echoing design elements such as the curved glass screens and pseudo Cadillac grilles on the front.

Harley Davidson Music Center from Rock-Ola Jukeboxes on Vimeo.

However, the Harley Davidson Bubbler Jukebox is a unique fusion of these two giants of US cultural heritage. Sporting two bald eagles – the emblem of the United States – and of course detailed illustrations of the legendary motorcycles themselves, the jukebox is a perfect encapsulation of the American temperament. 

What makes this thing tick?

The exterior design of the Harley Davidson jukebox is rooted in tradition and enduring symbolism that has decades of history to its name, which stands in stark contrast to the cutting-edge technology inside.  Rock-Ola’s commitment to innovation over the years has culminated in a hi-tech CD mechanism, which can hold and play up to 100 CDs. (It has actually been modelled after the older mechanisms that were used to play 45rpm vinyls.)

Meanwhile, the Harley Davidon Music Center can accommodate an even greater number of tunes, allowing owners the ability to upload hundreds of songs. This, combined with its useful touchscreen facility, is one of the things that’s made it a firm favourite not just with Americans, but with music fans the world over.

It’s also possible to download directly to a USB device, sync playlists to a device, or simply play an MP3 directly through the jukebox. The innovative digital technology of the Harley Davidson jukebox means it’s even possible to link it to an existing in-house integrated music system, such as Sonos. 

Plus, the sound quality is everything you’d expect from a Rock-Ola jukebox. The Harley Davidson Bubbler uses 5 internal speakers and a Peavey amplifier to bring you your favourite tunes in perfect sound quality. It’s ideal for revving up some Motorhead or Metallica, and reminiscing about life on the American Freedom Machine.

In short, the Harley Davidson Bubbler jukebox is a true American vision, and a triumph of engineering. It’s the consummate choice for those who find their interiors yearning for a taste of the red, white and blue. You can shop online for them right here on the Rock-Ola website, or take your pick from any of the other world-leading jukeboxes on offer.